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EAN 710254; Steiff Mathias
The third doll in the series, Mathias (pronounced "Ma-tee-ess") sports a tailored muslin shirt with pockets and felt tie, authentically detailed lederhosen pants made of real leather, traditional "loferl" or split socks made of pieced felt, hand-cobbled leather shoes with fold over tongues and a felt brimmed hat.
Price : 999,00
EAN 710247; Steiff Katharina
The fourth doll is lovely Katharina. She is costumed in a rose colored shantung silk blouse with plaid cotton scarf, felt belt with decorative braid trim, floral cotton skirt, cotton apron with pin tucks, cotton undergarments and stockings and leather strap shoes. On her head Katharina wears a woven wreath of tiny individually-sewn felt flowers.
She is 42 cm. / 17" tall and limited to 500 pieces
Price: 999,00
EAN 266856; Steiff Lukas
This doll is made in cooperation with the famous American doll artist R. John Wright.
The first doll in the series, handsome Lukas is outfitted in a fully lined double-breasted felt jacket, felt shorts with embroidered straps,
felt undershirt and tie, fully lined laced felt cap, custom-woven wool socks with tassels and fine hand-cobbled leather boots.
He is 42 cm. / 17" tall and limited to 500 pieces.
Price : 999,00
EAN 710230; Steiff Sophie
Sophie, the first female doll in the series, comes with silk ribbons in her hair. She is costumed in a felt dress with muslin sleeves and collar,
a laced felt weskit, floral cotton apron, custom made stockings and undergarments and leather tie shoes. On one arm Sophie carries a custom-made hand woven basket with tiny felt flowers
She is 42 cm. / 17" tall and limited to 500 pieces.
Price : 999,00
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