Steiff World Wide Editions 1996 till 1999.
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Beside the regular Steiff collection we have many other Steiff collectors items.
We also store the regular Steiff items.
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Steiff World Wide Editions 1996 till 1999


EAN 670336; Steiff The Coca Cola bear
This bear is made in license of the Coca Cola company.
In Europe the are wonderful ads with this bear and his cub.
He is 35 cm./ 14 inches tall and limited of 10.000 pieces world wide.

Price: 259,00

EAN 035197; Large Happy 2000 pig
EAN 033278 Small Happy 2000 pig

This pig is limited till the end of 1999.
He comes in 2 sizes: 10 cm / 4 inches tall  and 17 cm./ 7 inches tall
With this pig will bring you luck during this Millennium

Price: 54,00 large pig
Price: 45,00 small pig

EAN 670374; Steiff Steiff Millennium Bear / Year 2000 Bear
This bear has been made to celebrate the beginning of the new Millennium.
He is 40 cm. / 16 inches tall and limited to the end of 1999.
In total there are made 16.800 pieces.

Price: 208,00

EAN 670367; Steiff Hello Goodbye Set
There are 2 bears in this set.
The red one is the sun set and the blue one is the sun dawn of the new millennium.
They are 20 cm. / 8 tall.
They come in a book and were limited to the end of 1999. In total there are 8.890 pieces made.

Price: 259,00

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