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Steiff German Bears Those bears are all specially made for Germany

EAN 673801 Steiff Bear with bronze medal
This Steiff bear is designed for the Steiff 2014 collection.
Made out of brown alpaca.
He is 25 cm. / 10" tall.
Fully jointed, stuffed with synthetic filling, with safety eyes.
With bronze medal with Margarete Steiff image
Limited to 1.000 pieces.
Made for Germany, Austria and Switzerland only
Price: € 199,00
EAN 656095; Steiff Football Pitch
This bear is made for Germany in 2006 to celebrate the world championship football.
The bear is 22 cm. / 8.8" tall and it is a limited edition of 2.006 pieces.
Price: € 109,00
EAN 672057; Steiff Gallery Bear 2005
This bear has been made in 2005 for the Steiff Galleries in Germany.
The bear is 30 cm. / 12" tall
The bear is limited to 1.500 pieces and is stuffed with wood shavings.
Price : € 189,00

Steiff Key ring Duck
This wonderful key ring is limited to 1.500 pieces.
He is made in 2004 for the department store Karstad in Germany
Price: € 89,00

EAN 671760; Steiff Museum bear 2004;
This bear is made for the museum in Giengen in 2004.
He is a wonderful colour of pink and he is 28 cm. / 11" tall.
Price : € 225,00
EAN 655616; Steiff Key ring Santa
This key ring has been made for the department store Karstad AG in 2002.
It is a Santa wearing a blue coat and cap and he is 10 cm. / 4" tall and limited to 1.500 pieces.
Price: € 110,00
EAN 670084; Steiff Museum Bear 1998
This bear is made for the Steiff Museum in Giengen in the year 1998.
The bear is 30 cm. / 12" tall.
Price : € 159,00
EAN 670176; Steiff Celebration bear with German Book;
This bear is made to celebrate the 150th birthday of Margarete Steiff.
The book is in German and gives loads of information about items Steiff produced.
The bear is 22 cm. / 8.8" tall.
It was a limited edition of 1.000 pieces.
Price: € 155,00
EAN 655302; Steiff Andreas
Andreas has been made in 1997 for the department store Kaufhof AG to celebrate the 100th anniversary.
He is 40 cm. / 16" tall and limited to 1.997 pieces.
Price EU: € 299,00 / now only € 255,00
EAN 670107; Steiff Teddy Bear heath Shepherd
This bear is made for Germany in 1997. It was a limited edition of 2.000 pieces.
The bear is 35 cm. / 14" tall.
Price : € 186,00

EAN 671083, 670190, 670206; Steiff Birthday Bears
Those wonderful bears are made to celebrate the 150th birthday of Margarete Steiff. They are 28 cm. tall and made in the colours white, blond and dark brown.
The white one is limited to 9.272 pieces, the blond one to 9.061 pieces and
the dark brown one is limited to 7.459 pieces.

Price : € 590,00 a set of 3 bears

Price  : € 219,00 a bear

EAN 655227 Steiff Theo
Theo has been made for the department stores Kaufhof and Horten in 1996, to celebrate the 50th anniversary.
He is 43 cm. / 17.2" tall and limited to 1.946 pieces.
Price: € 275,00 / now only € 235,00
EAN 655098 Steiff Wolf Set
This set has been made for the Steiff shop of Paul Wolff in Giengen (opposite of the Steiff factory).
The bear is 32cm. / 12.8" tall and the wolf is 16 cm. / 6.4" tall.
The set is made in 1995 and limited to 2.000 pieces.
Price: € 299,00 / now only € 269,00

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