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Steiff Disney

EAN 354946 Steiff Minnie Mouse
This Steiff Minnie will be made for 2013.
Made out of black mohair
She is 24 cm. / 9.6" tall.
Head jointed, arms and legs wired, stuffed with synthetic filling.
Limited to 2.000 pieces world wide
"Disney images shown are not final, prototypes have been photographed."
Price EU : € 179,00

EAN 651472 Steiff Steamboat Willie
This Mickey Mouse is made in cooperation with Walt Disney Company.
It is a limited edition of 10.000 pieces.
He is 22 cm. / 9" tall
Price: € 259,00

EAN 680120 Steiff Timothy Mouse
Timothy is 18 cm. / 7” tall and limited to 2.000 pieces world wide.
He is Dumbo`s biggest fan.
He is made on a license of Disney

Price : € 169,00

EAN 651519 Steiff Mickey Mouse the “Sorcerer`s Apprentice”
This Mickey Mouse is one of Disney's most famous pieces. He is made to celebrate Fantasia 2000.
He is 25 cm / 10” tall.
He is limited to the year 2000.

Price: € 258,00

EAN 651700; Steiff Flamingo;
This flamingo is one of the Fantasia 2000 pieces.
He is 35 cm. / 14 inches tall and comes with a stand.
Price: € 260,00

EAN 651632 Steiff Hyacinth Hippo
This is one of the figures of Fantasia 2000.
She is 37 cm. / 15 inches tall. The stand is included.
She is limited to 2000 pieces world-wide.
A real must for a Disney fan.

Price: € 310,00

EAN 651625 Steiff Madamme Upanova
This is also a Fantasia 2000 figure.
She is  35 cm. / 14 inches tall
She is a world-wide limited edition of 2000 pieces.

Price: € 310,00

EAN 651618 Steiff Ben Ali Gator
This alligator is a high quality piece.
He is 31 cm. / 13 inches tall.
It is also a limited edition to celebrate Disney's Fantasia 2000 .
He is limited to 2000 pieces world-wide.

Price : € 310,00

EAN 651823 Steiff Daisy Duck
When you are a Disney Collector this piece is a must.
She is 34 cm. / 14 inches tall and made of mohair.
She is limited to 3.000 pieces each world wide.

Price : € 318,00

Note: Donald Duck is sold out!

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