Steiff American Bears
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Steiff American bears

EAN 682759 Steiff Butch Cocker Spaniel dog
This Steiff dog is designed for the Steiff NA 2014 collection.
Made out of white and black mohair.
He is 20 cm. / 8" tall.
Head jointed, stuffed with synthetic filling, with safety eyes.
Limited to 1.500 pieces, for USA only
Price: € 163,00
EAN 682698 Steiff Silk Teddy Baby
This Steiff bear is designed for the Steiff NA 2014 collection.
Made out of gold colored silk plush.
He is 30 cm. / 12" tall.
Fully jointed, stuffed with synthetic filling, with safety eyes.
With squeaker
Limited to 1.500 pieces for North America only
Price : € 210,00
EAN 673023 Plush Bunny USA with basket
This wonderful bunny is made for the USA only.
He is 17.5 cm. / 7" tall.
Price : € 29,00
EAN 669644 Steiff Clifford Berryman Bear
The cartoon that gave the “Teddy bear” its name was illustrated by artist Clifford Berryman. Portraying a real-life historical incident in which Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a helpless bear cub on a hunting trip, the cartoon played a major role in starting the Teddy bear craze. The bear cub in the drawing had a unique “masked” face – mirroring a real toy bear that belonged to Berryman. Exclusively for North America, Steiff presents a bear inspired by Mr. Berryman’s recently discovered original toy bear. This Teddy’s “masked” face makes him a real rarity. Made of tipped alpaca, he is perhaps the most distinctive bear in our 2007 collection.
Size 35 cm. / 14" .
Price : € 199,00

EAN 665981 Steiff Message of Peace
This bear is made for the celebration of the new Millennium.
He is wearing a white dove medallion around his neck. The bear proclaims our hope for a new era of co-operation and love among nations.
The bear is limited to 3000 pieces and 30 cm. / 11,5” tall.

Price : € 199,00

EAN 651342 Fisherman
This fisherman is made for the Disney Event in 1996.
It is a limited edition of 1.000 pieces and was only available at Epcot during the show.
He is 33 cm. / 13" tall.
He does not have a Disney pin.
Price : € 225,00
EAN 0174/46 Steiff Muzzle Bear White, Replica 1908;
This bear is made from 1988 till 1990 only for the USA.
He is 46 cm. / 18.5" tall.
He is limited to 5.000 pieces.
His bigger brother of 60 cm. /24" is issued in 1990 only for the USA to and his smaller brother (35 cm./ 14") was issued world wide.
Price : € 395,00
EAN 665172 Steiff Winter
Winter is one in the 4 seasons series made for America in 1996 / 1998.
He is 36 cm. / 14" tall and limited to 6.000 pieces.
Price : € 329,00

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